Cruise Control by Sky Olson

Abby Wilson

Sky Olson is an up-and-coming artist with a very distinctive sound and well-curated, catchy melodies. The Utah-based artist started releasing his music in 2021 and he already has his fans and a dedicated number of 3.2K monthly listeners hooked. With so many singles already released and more than one album, the artist’s numbers are on the rise with no intention of slowing down soon. His latest single released earlier this year “Oxygen” got over 115K streams on Spotify only, even his previous releases have high streaming numbers like “People Fade” and “Broken Time Machine” with 44K and 32K streams, respectively. He also managed to win twice the John Lennon Songwriting contest because of his undeniable talent and was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

Olson just dropped his latest single “Cruise Control” 3 days ago and it’s already at 3.5K streams on Spotify. The song has a chill, relaxed vibe with breathable vocals and a swinging beat. The song starts with a sweet guitar tune that just dominates the song in the most subtle and unclear way, it manages to catch your attention with minimal effort, and it answers back beautifully to the vocal line with a jazzy attitude. The lyrics are simple and authentic, drawn from the artist’s life experiences and raw emotions.

Sky Olson is planning on releasing more singles soon and performing more live shows with his current 5-member band, make sure to check his Instagram for his latest releases and announcements.



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