Issues by Child of SP


Child of SP’s sensual January single ‘Issues’ has seen a steady stream of attention and acclaim throughout the previous months, and taking our chance to listen to it, it is of no surprise that this artful and smooth piece of R&B has been getting all this love.

‘Issues’ is the breakthrough single of Sao Paolo singer and songwriter Child of SP, a Brazilian through and through, singing exclusively in English. ‘Issues’ is dark and smooth. Like fresh molasses, the song’s slow tempo and flowing melodies are intoxicating.

Having moved out of his native Brazil and settled in the Portuguese capital city Lisbon, Child of SP suffered a breakup and penned ‘Issues’ in response to what he felt during that turbulent time. The result features the artist’s vulnerable performance that’s hushed, intimate, and pulling. So are the stirring lines and the mesmerizingly sparse instrumental. Based around a slow beat, the song mostly revolves around Child of SP’s almost freeform delivery, until the melodic chorus hits along with pained swoons from Child of SP, with the synths finally resolving to a melancholic, ascending chord sequence with sharp, sub bass stabs. A simplistic trip that’s incredibly efficient.

‘Issues’ is a truly delightful little piece of heartfelt and dark R&B. Perhaps delightful is not the correct term to describe the song or the emotions behind it, but the brilliant production, lyrics, and overall vision, Child of SP’s ‘Issues’ is a delight to hear nonetheless.