Just Another Minute by ALIBII


A duo from Sydney Courtney Egginton and Will Cumberledge has combined their voices and created “Alibii,” It was established in 2020 when they met while studying music and both find a unique opportunity to put the genres they love combined to burst out an astonishing music. They have released a new single for the year “Just Another Minute” which was released on the 19th of August, 2022 after working on it for a year.

The song is beautifully put together with both vocals synced in the lyrics for this lyrics as it’s about being lost in time suddenly with the busy lives we lead, being carried away, and saying it’s fate. The melodious and uplifting music they created together has immense feelings and emotions about what they want to put out there for their listeners.

Alibii is going to be a big hit with the creative and melodic songs they make with the help of Ariq Sulthan, Katie Helms, and Miya Borthwick and perform with them in their lives. Give their first release “But I” a chance to listen to while both will give you a wild feeling in you that makes you invincible with the tunes that are played within the music.

“Just Another Minute” is perfect for a night drive through a city and your partner and getting through the day together with a peaceful mind and soul.


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