Soul Scapes EP by Lia Nxieta


A limelight City street post-midnight while the emptiness is surrounding the asphalt path, breezing in some cold air through the long swinging hair. Enjoying a beautiful vibe while being young and having no intention of growing old and grumpy.

That’s how ‘Lia Nxieta cast a vibe out to me with her debut EP “Soul Scapes”, hailing from Switzerland and releasing her first EP after releasing three solo singles which got her several bookings across Switzerland.

Lia’s main genre is R&B having a poppy flick to her releases, and a synth touch that is maintaining its signature and sound throughout the EP with a stable background theme. The thing that made the EP so correlated in vibe and unified the whole experience.

Soul Scapes”  is formed of four tracks, ‘Birthday Wishes’ comes first with a reverbed melodic synth, and reminds you of a hell lot of pop/R&B hit classics with the very attractive vocal lines from Lia that quickly pulls you through to keep on opening that jaw of yours when ‘Stars Are Aligning’ follows, with a very unique intro that reminds me of the interstellar main theme -which I think was intentional, speaking of stars. Do you agree? Tell us in the comment section below- Then the perfect flow later anticipates along the soothing melodies and drums and the track keeps smoothly with Lia’s nostalgic vocal lines to put the pieces together.

The third one titled ‘Another Lover’ is more of a modern track than the previous two, smoothly Lia keeps on flaming with her unique vocals.

Rhythm’ is the fourth track on the list, also synthful and aligning with the rest of the tracks but with a modern touch to it just like the third track.

Though ‘Soul Scapes’ is very matching itself in terms of sound, it sometimes felt repetitive using patterns that are close in sound and melodies that do not differ much from each other.

I really enjoyed playing “Soul Scapes” on my headphones and really wish Lia Nxieta could’ve added more tracks to the EP with the same energy and vibe.


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