Know Me by Lea Anderson

Shuhei Hayashi

A New York-based pop artist “Lea Anderson” has blown us away with her soft and delicate voice in her latest song “Know Me” released on the 17th of August, 2019. Lea is an inspired artist who makes her music only with her imagination and creates smooth and colorful videos that go perfectly with the songs she writes about.

The song “Know Me” was demonstrated wonderfully, it’s a single from her album “Pronounced Lee Deluxe” that shows her soothing vocal in each song and how emotional and personal the lyrics are to the artist. She relates to her audience through her lyrics that usually emerge from the artist’s current vibe and state of mind. 

An official video was released on the same day as the song’s release date 3 years ago during quarantine, making this song special to Lea that she chose to bring back and remind us of how authentic and wonderful it is. 

The video featured a beautiful dancer “Astrée Périchon” that took place on the Brooklyn Bridge, mentioning that they shoot the music video there that “Once can hold a solid foundation above troubled water.”



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