Back To Rio by Electrohed


When you listen to “Back To Rio” Gavin Lombos’ latest track, Electrohed, you’ll find it motivates you from the very first seconds to dance, but which dance is up to you.

Electrohed is a percussionist, music producer, and founder of the music charity Readipop and its new label, Riser. He gives us a strange but successful mix, we don’t know if the track’s name was inspired by music or vice versa, but all we do know is his love for international beats and old beatboxing.

Don’t be surprised by the whistle sound from the beginning of the track to the end, this artist combines Brazilian samba (traditional drums) rhythms and Latin roots in “Back To Rio”, with old-fashioned electro-electronic rhythms and hip-hop rhythms. This creates an imaginary scene of a robot dancing to it because of what it does by saying “Take me Back To Rio”.

This track was originally recorded for Bloco Electro’s second album and has been remixed and remixed into a new album Global Beatbox 2 to be released in 2022. “This track features some samples I recorded while watching the Botafogo play in the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro,” Electrohed says.

“Back To Rio” is a track that may not have a story, but it just conveys a situation and puts us in it with all its spontaneity and directness, through traditional and electronic drums that provide us with an exciting sound that we will enjoy, and give us a great deal of energy and activity wherever we are.

Electrohed strikes back with his signature beats, so if you got to know him for the first time through “Back To Rio” you’ll want to hear more from him as I did.


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