Lazy Sunday by May Payne

Poppy Thorpe

Young artists who’ve got a burning passion for writing songs and developing themselves always get me. Manchester-based singer-songwriter May Payne is only 20 years old but has more than 20 years’ worth of creativity and passion. She cites artists like Lilly Allen as her influence, but I can hear a ton more genres and styles. Her latest single “Lazy Sunday” is a mix between the narratives of “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars and “Thank You” by Dido. It’s basically a person you can confide in and be comfortable around in your dark days, and such a concept is deceptively simple. The way May sings in a high key with much ease could’ve been messed up, but she nails it. She learned a few things on the trumpet specifically for this song, and they work amazingly. The trumpet mimics the clean guitar strumming in many parts, and in a short bridge they almost mimic a solo, and then we have more soft calm vocals with an amazing bassline. What I love the most here is how clear you can hear the instruments and their melodies, instead of having the song sound programmed and generic like most of today’s mainstream pop music. The soft head voice will appeal to fans of Billie Eilish and the amazing use of the trumpet will make a lot of people remember how No Doubt (among many other Ska bands) used to do that in the 90s. With the vast influences, today’s musicians can listen to and get inspired by, you feel like artists such as May Payne take the finest elements of each era and put a modern twist on them to somehow bridge the generational gap between bands and artists and have something for everyone in the mix. This song deserves to be a mainstream hit and get a ton of radio play and recognition for how simple and approachable it is, albeit being creative.