Burger, Midnight by The Nightshift Cashier

Wild Hardt Photography

If the soundtrack of Neo-noir movies was a standalone genre, then “The Nightshift Cashier” would be the perfect artist to play that genre. The somber yet dense new single “Burger, Midnight” sounds dramatic with a sizzle of romantic positivity. The story that the lyrics tell fits such a movie as well. It’s the story of a couple who came across a large sum of money and decide to open a burger shop with it. At its core, it’s a classic rock song with some alternative elements like the guitar strumming and diverse drums. I love the processing of the vocals that adds an extra kick to the moody way the vocals are. I hope the full album will be on the same level of mastery and prominence as the rhythm section. It’s really rare to find a band that respects the bass volume in the production and makes its lines sound clear, so kudos to whoever mixed and mastered this guy’s track. Let’s hope the entire debut EP will rely on storytelling the same way this song does, as it makes the vocals more likable. The oddest and most experimental section here was the midsection. It’s a lengthy guitar solo with many details and transitions. It took a few listens then it grew on me, and it serves to prove the extent of talent this guy has. I only wish the vocals didn’t feel as drowned as they are in the mix so I could get the sensation, but that would’ve probably made the track lose its ominous sense and originality. I wonder how this track will sound in the live shows cause I’m pretty sure “The Nightshift Cashier” is a brilliant guitarist.


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