Lie Just To Lie by Silja Rós

Saga Sig

Ethereal vocals, soulful, solid delivery, touchingly demonstrating vulnerability lyricism, and retro yet innovative Soul sound are all to be presented in the talented artist Silja Rós’s latest single, “Lie Just lie.”

As I heard “Lie just to lie” for the first time, I felt the presence of Amy Winehouse’s intense songwriting and performance. The song features poignant emotions that are adroitly delivered through each element to penetrate the frailest part of your soul. And the thing is, you don’t have to find the song relatable to be touched! Silja Rós’s sincere, sentimental vocal execution will put you in the desired mental and emotional state.

In a streamlined manner, the vocal and the harmonies mash together, giving the most blessing, warm, and softly melancholic soundscape. Silja Rós possesses a vocal range that can simultaneously send shivers down your spine, goosebumps up your head, make your stomach flutter, warm your heart, and stun your spirit.

The musical composition draws the ideal atmospheric balance between the emotional complexity of the heart loving a toxic one addictively and the mind urging it to close the door and let go. The instruments brilliantly convey the sentiments in the lyrics and offer a flawless bridge between R&B, Soul, and Jazz, with a Contemporary Pop taste. There’s a bluey ambiance suggested as the chords progress and rhythms overlap tenderly, yet it leaves the vocal stand out and helps to highlight it even more.

There’s a music video for the song that compliments its authentic vibe with some cozy footage, well-chosen warm colors, and the skilled, luring act of Silja Rós. It definitely adds depth to the song and makes the sonic blend of vintage and modern-day visualized.

Listening to “Lie just to lie” means you need to make room in your playlist for one more remarkable female artist that pours her heart out through a divine vocal line.


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