Silhouette by Avaraj


Since the beginning of time, people have yearned for freedom. They detest restrictions. But what if what’s trapping you and holding you hostage is your own mind? What if the only thing between you and breaking free is yourself? The pop singer, Avaraj, gets what this feels like and poignantly captures the wistful sensations in her single, “Silhouette.”

Just like a hollow, empty “Silhouette,” that’s what an introvert who is not comfortable being one feels like. An introverted person would find it hard to communicate and express what they’re truly feeling, and here enters the Atlanta-based artist Avaraj with her single “Silhouette”, which can be considered as a touching anthem and an I’ve-had-enough voice for whoever can’t shout it.

The single starts with a dreamy intro that is soon followed by a mellow melody and an uplifting beat, along with melancholic, soulful vocals. Although it has a hard-hitting theme, it’s balanced as the rhythm eases things a bit and offers sincere, salty lyrics with some spark.

The composition isn’t looking to steal the light away from the sensitive topic itself, as it’s simple yet effective. The solo part feels like it’s a backing vocal that’s conveying the single’s sensations. The melodic vocals and expressive lyrics are what stand out the most, as they together work intensely to strike a chord for whoever can relate, and raise awareness for whoever has never understood.

If you’re an introvert, Avaraj is sending you a warm hug and reassuring you that you’re not alone. And if you’re an extrovert, this is your guide to knowing what your introverted family member, friend, or partner feels like. And whether you are this or that, you’ll like the genuine “Silhouette” below.


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