Light A Fire by Cynthia Hammar


With three albums under her belt, Canadian singer/songwriter Cynthia Hamar teases her upcoming record “Joint & Marrow” that’ll be out via Neon Moon Records with the joyful folky single “Light A Fire”. Teaming up with her son Zadok Hamar alongside session musicians Chris Andrews, Jamie Cooper, Paul Johnston, and Joel Schwartz, Hammar managed to pull this inspiring piece urging us all to do our best and light a fire to help our dreams grow. 

Cynthia Hammer’s “Light A Fire” intro got me swaying right from its country-influenced intro. Cynthia Hamar’s strongly expressive vocals kicks in breathing life, soul, and emotion into the music. I loved the groovy reggae twist at the chorus and how Hamar’s delivery gets more powerful with a playful touch that stays till the end of the song. The organ and piano progressions were impressive, as they start with some subtle melodies until each gets its moment to shine as the song progresses into a big beautiful outro where the dynamics skyrockets. “Light A Fire” is the perfect single that sets your expectations on fire for an upcoming album. It has smooth dynamics that softly keep on progressing in a super entertaining way. A fun well-written and performed tune that you should totally check out. Looking forward to “Joint & Marrow”, cheers Cynthia!


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