Unbound by ANIMATE


Driven by his love for old-school 70s and 80s British bands, Italian singer/songwriter/guitarist Luigi Surdo formed his project Animate. Although they don’t usually release acoustic songs, the 8th of September marked Animate’s 1st acoustic release “Unbound”, a song was described by the artist as

“A song about life, about the experience, and a new beginning.”

1st thing that grabbed my attention is the natural yet neat production of “Unbound” which gave it a live-like feeling and brought its deeply emotional side into the very front. The simple raw acoustic guitar chords allowed the vocal melody to shine and take full control of the melody and flow that emotionally escalated at that touching brief electric guitar solo. 

“Unbound” is a simple rock ballad that shows Animate’s good command of melody and writing skills without overdoing or complicating things. Looking forward to more from Animate, cheers!



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