Liquor store by Alfie James


A talented young man from the United Kingdom an artist “Alfie James” who produces his own hip hop music that can get the beats stuck in your head for weeks, Alfie released his first new single for 2022 “Liquor Store” which was out on 23rd of June. It got an awesome rhythm to it that I can never get bored of.

“Liquor Store” has a slow rhythmic beat that moves your feet to it, Alfie loves songwriting, and the love and confidence he shows while performing live on stage are so amazing, showing that he is born to do this, he also, has the talent to put the words together that fits in with the name of the song.

Started with an awesome drop of beats then went in with lyrics about the story of his trip, singing softly with his soft vocals and explaining how he tried drinking a lot of beer. Alfie mentioned in one of his interviews “Visiting New York and Miami in the past year, the big liquor stores were so cool to see on every street corner, very different to those in the UK.” I can imagine that liquor stores are different in each country and city listening to the song. 

There were some videos of the release on Alfie’s Instagram that has a creative way of delivering the song will be about and how many memories he made while visiting the city. I can say that you hit the jackpot of having the song with that dope beat that I now can’t get out of my mind, you have achieved the goal and surely your fans will totally agree with that.

Listening to Alfie’s previous makings is equally slamming with his creations and how he put his memories about his life to it. Having the up most nostalgic vibes in all of the music that he produced so far.


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