ZER0 by Leonardo Barilaro


Aerospace engineer Leonardo Barilaro is quite literally taking it into outer space with his latest composition ZERO. 

An Italian pianist and aerospace engineer, Leonardo Barilaro is based in St.Paul’s Bay on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta. With ZERO, Barilaro achieved an unprecedented feat, with his latest composition ZERO orbiting around Earth for a second time. The piece first went onboard the International Space Station as part of its Maleth 3 mission, then it went onboard the SpaceX CRS27 rocket. The composition was stored on the mission computer and orbited in Space for 30 days. 

As for the piece; featuring a dynamic composition that features a lot of left-right hand syncopation, the sound would probably be safely described as enigmatic and experimental, with the melodies being deeply embedded into the song’s internal harmonic composition. Barilaro produces a striking performance of a striking composition that’s light on dissonance but introduces tension with unsettled harmonies, and great, massive leaps in the frequency of the notes played, often venturing into the piano’s highest registers, unlocking a heightened state of attention. 

ZERO is a piece of music of cosmic proportions from an Italian composer of experimental music with an edge for exploration. Leonardo Barilari’s Zero is a piece of music with immense value to its delivery and intentions.



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