Lock & Key by Sky Olson


Alt-pop sensation Sky Olson is back with an unforgettable piece of dramatic songwriting with a peculiar and tight sound that justifies exactly why he’s one of alt-pop’s fresh rising faces that should not be overlooked.

Hailing from Prove, Utah, Sky Olson is a singer-songwriter whose sound on his latest single Lock & Key is driving, seductive, and intoxicating. Sky Olson’s soulful vocals take the center stage. Effortless, effervescent, and expressive, Olson’s vocal performance is backed by a truly mesmerizing instrumental section. 

The trap beats are percussive and provide a tight, robotic, and driving groove, the muffled and spacey piano is hypnotizing and gently pounding, while a crazy bass line goes happily all over the place in the background. The songwriting of the song uses unfamiliar scales that inject the space with mystique and drama. A fabulous, clean but gritty-sounding guitar solo is short, soulful, and just superbly played.

Lock & Key is a wonderful new offering from a name that you should keep on the lookout for. Sky Olson’s sensibilities for songwriting and production, and his confident deliveries are fresh and unique and are incredibly well put together. Lock & Key is an immediate winner.