The Funny Part by Down South Pepper Band


Hailing from the northernmost part of the world comes the country group (pun unintended) Down South Pepper Band. These Norwegian musicians draw influence from a lot of country and blues subgenres and have garnered a pretty good following thanks to their loving and loyal fans. 

On their latest single, “The Funny Part“, they sing the verses with a style that’s a mix of storytelling and spoken word. I really loved how they lets the listeners live the genre and influence due to the tone of the guitars, the soft percussion, the slow tempo, and even the accent with the pronunciation of the words.

As paradoxical as the band’s name and the part of the world that they come from may be, they perfected the mood and the mental picture associated with country/folk. It’s hard to be an exemplary band that sticks to a genre’s roots while maintaining to be fresh and not generic. And believe me when I tell you that Down South Pepper and this new single are anything but generic.

With a song that’s as bright-sounding as this, we have an equally wholesome music video that’s full of comic relief and moments of the band doing a lot of fun and sketchy acts at various locations. The outfits are very typical to what country musicians wear, but the snowy scenery is the odd element in here…if no one told me or I hadn’t seen the music video I would have never guessed this band is Norwegian at all. In conclusion, I recommend this song to anyone who’s looking for a song that mixes country and folk with some bright sounds, clean on-point vocals, and a song that’s both tightly written and tightly performed.