Love Bomb by Junior Love


Junior Love just released his latest single and first this year “Love Bomb”, a simple pop song with deep meaning and uncommon context. Originally from New York, Ronny Smith JR (AKA Junior Love) has always been passionate about music even at a young age when he took part in choir and band, he explored several areas and directions in arts given his diversion of creativity. The currently based Louisiana artist is a solo pop singer and songwriter who has been in the industry for several years now with interests in writing, singing, abstract art, and conceptual art. His musical style is influenced by the likes of Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Banks, Tove Lo, and others. At the beginning of last year, he was featured as ‘Artist of the Month’ at his local recording studio in Monroe. 

‘Love Bomb’ is a catchy pop track with simple tunes and interesting melodies. The style of singing is very different and has an identity of its own, the lyrics are open, clear, and raw, which gives a sense of intimacy as if the artist is sitting right across from you and speaking his mind directly to you. It’s the first single from the upcoming album in which the artist decided to discuss ‘martyrdom’ and ‘covert narcissism’; it shows a darker side of martyrdom and how giving too much to someone too soon might take its toll on you and the relationship.  He explores the themes of bombing your lover with too much love and emotions and suddenly taking it all away and leaving them with nothing but questions and a broken heart. I find it such a brave, unique, and an essential topic to discuss, it helps the listener feel heard and not alone in such devastating feelings, unlike the typical pop love songs. 


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