Tipsy by Jus2wo


Mixing different elements in music and genres crossing paths have become a trend between emerging artists and even established ones, it’s not until recently that we’ve encountered songs where we can’t decide whether to place them under a rock, pop, or country genre. Does it always work out and sound good? Well not necessarily, but with “Tipsy” it sure does stand out. ‘Tipsy’ is the debut single of the up-and-coming artist Jus2wo who comes from rich and varied roots. He was born and raised in Brooklyn yet spent a few of his teenage years in Jamaica, where his mother is essentially from, in which he was exposed to different inspirations and a variety of musical flavors from Reggae, Hip Hop, and African music culture. And to top it all off, the artist comes from a musical family where his father was into music and his late uncle was a famous Jamaican artist, which gave him early access to the stage and studio life. 

“Tipsy” was released earlier this month and is already at 6.8K views on YouTube only. It is almost impossible to sit still the second the song plays, the beat gets you hooked before the vocals even start with its skilled layering and powerful elements that will surely light up the dance floor at parties and clubs. The artist has a distinctive sound and a unique identity that is hard to miss in which he combines elements from Hip Hop, Reggae Dancehall, and Afro Fusion, giving the song edginess like no other.  The song was inspired by the lack of contact and interaction those past 2 years due to the pandemic that people forgot how to get loud, have fun, and meet new people. Tipsy is the artist’s way of calling the people out again and telling them to live the moment, enjoy life together, and appreciate the time we have together as it might not last. The artist has big dreams and goals of reaching the biggest of stages and becoming the most infamous Reggae Fusion artist originating from the USA.



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