Low by Eddz


Eddz has a sound with a particular edge that’s sure to attract a steady stream of appreciation and has been around only since 2021, he’s surely about to soar any day now.

Low is the title of Eddz’s latest single release, and Eddz is the moniker of the Northampton-based songwriter/musician Liam Taylor, whose boombox and microphone have seen him rocking out shows in and around London and Northampton, but don’t be fooled by Eddz’s simplistic setup, as that boombox plays some of the freshest pop music around, and his microphone sees him laying down sharp social commentary that gives his music a layer of depth that’s rare and valuable.

Eddz’s dark pop on Low features a dramatic string arrangement and a massively distorted electric guitar line on the chorus that is contrasted by a sparse beat and glassy piano chords that compliment Taylor’s spoken prose on the rich verses. The contrast provides the song with a dynamic feel that propels the whole construct forward. Eddz’s contemplative lyrics and statesman delivery of them lend an air of doom to the song that is further amplified by the soaring, end-of-the-world string arrangement, resulting in a piece of pop that’s heavy, meaningful, and impactful.

Fusing the spoken poetry of The Clientele with the orchestral tendencies of Britpop legends like Oasis and Johnny Marr makes for a fresh, unprecedented sound that’s sure to turn heads and grab attention. Low is a fresh-sounding piece of contemporary pop from an inventive, new face that deserves every ounce of attention he gets. I’ll waiting for much more from Eddz.


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