Lowly recording artists K Theory team with Staarz on ground shaking Billie Eilish Remix

K Theory returns with classic trap anthem & takes you "Hostage" with their new single and cover of the hit by Billie Eilish featuring a haunting vocal rendition by Staarz, premiered on Trap Nation & released by Lowly. 


In continuation of their comeback campaign, glitch hop pioneers K Theory share their first original single of 2023, “Numb & Cold.” Following “The Medicine” with XO.ROWAN, the triple tag team unfolds a new dynamic in K Theory’s rejuvenated artistic vision based on healing and love. Sioux Falls-based midwest lyricist and artist Denham brings a powerful performance to a production cemented by cinematic soundscapes and bass stabs. Heavy-toned lyrics and vulnerability hold the spotlight as K Theory and collaborator Mr.Rayger dexterously weave between hopeful melodies and lethal mid-tempo.

Stream “Hostage” out now here.

Dylan Lewman and Dustin Musser together are K Theory (Berkeley, CA) back to bring their broken beats worldwide international, highlighted by an esteemed viral array of original and remix productions of all genres of dance, midtempo and trap music. Having introduced the world to the next chapter of K Theory, the duo are fresh off the heels of 2022 and primed with new material. “Numb & Cold” succeeds their first entry of the year, a wobble-centric remix of Stickybuds x K+Lab‘s funky party-smashing hit, “Feel The Weight,” that serves an exhilarating preview for what’s to come.


Press via Play Me Sync and PR


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