Platys Yialos EP by Ali George


Platys Yialos is a three-track EP by British singer-songwriter and renowned fingerstyle guitarist Ali George. He had previously released some singles in the last year, some of which had aired on BBC Music and gained some praise. 

The first track gave the record its name, and it takes its name from a greek beach on the island of Serifos. The track has an unusual tuning, which makes it relate more to the name and location where it’s coming from. There’s a whole beautiful Mediterranean flavor to the track which I really adored. The minimalism of the instrumentation and mysteriousness of the lyrics make the track all the more magical and ethereal.

The second track, Meagre Heights, has more personal lyrics and a more apparent Country/Americana inspiration in its sound. The addition of more vocal layers greatly impacted the song’s emotional impact and made it a very strong and touching number, in my opinion. 

The third track, Another Girl, is sort of a companion piece to the title track, as it takes us back to the island and the mysterious love story that is being told here. I love how the piano added a rhythmic element that matches impeccably with soft airy vocals of Ali. You could be going through a bad day and feel instantly relieved by this beautiful and broken timbre of his voice.

All in all, this EP made me think Ali’s music and songwriting choices are somewhat similar to Cat Stevens and Mark Knopfler but the way he extends the strumming pattern all over the song and sings with nasality and breathiness also reminds me of Sting. There’s still a great deal of mystery and ambiguity in the lyrics, tuning, and guitar style though that makes this record a very unique journey, unlike anything I’ve ever heard. If you’re ever looking for a soft record with amazing ballads, then this is your go-to.



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