Loyal by Johnny Kulo


An Indian artist based in Berlin “Johnny Kulo” is currently hitting it off pretty easily by producing his recordings spontaneously with a creative skillful mind that was discovered by himself in songwriting and manifest in his music, he created a new single “Loyal” on the 24th of June, 2022. This song is briefly soulful with a mix of R&B, Johnny cracked the combination of the modern music with his soft voice and resonating lyrics.

This song came out talking about loyalty and he expresses himself through the lyrics of this song, He mentioned that “I was just talking stupid, talking about tryna stay loyal but having too many distractions in my lifestyle. The whole song was written as I was recording it”.

Loyalty isn’t an easy thing to do while having a lot going on in someone’s life that might get you out of shape in your relationship, “You know I’ve been tryna stay loyal, You just wanna make me put it on ya, Why you tryna make me swerve, Shit I guess I never learn.” The lyrics of this song explain a lot about what Johnny is expressing to his fans and how he wants it to be delivered.

Johnny adds in his soft dreamy voice and the music that keeps you engaged. He shines for the passion and intensity of the performance he puts out there with his romantic and heartbreak songs. When choosing and creating his beats on “Loyal” and how it flows in your ears is a calm feeling that will never leave your mind as if you’re high on the music that he produces.


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