Lucid Lover by Jayd


The Luxembourg-based artist; Courtney Jayd Lumsden who goes by JAYD just dropped another single ‘Lucid Lover’ and it’s not any less capturing than her previous ones. The British artist has always been surrounded by music, dance, and theater, she worked in France as an entertainer and recently decided to focus on her music career. 

‘Lucid Lover’ is her second release after ‘Headspace’ this year, an indie song with electro swirls, sound effects, and old-school R&B soundscape. It’s about relationships, break ups and their different types and circumstances. The lyrics are authentic, and personal and tackle different themes from mental health, and anxiety to toxic relationships. The artist mentions: “I am good at remembering stories people have told me and putting myself into someone’s shoes and writing from an honest place as if it were me living through it.” She is joined by rapper Mirari More, originally from Nigeria who immigrated to London at the age of 7. The song is like an ongoing conversation between Jayd and Mirari, where she mentions her regret and how much she misses him and he answers back by explaining why he had to let her go, a deep communication that not all lovers get to experience. The sound effects used in the song are remarkable; they show strong musical understanding and skills mastering, from unexpected, uncliched beats to interesting patterns on synths. But what caught my attention most is the virtual orchestration of the music and the occasional sound effect of the virtual choir. Going through Jayd’s Instagram page you will come across covers done by her, demonstrating remarkable vocal control and capabilities that she wasn’t able to demonstrate in ‘Lucid Lover’ given the nature and vibe of the song. 

Listening to this single will leave you curious and wanting to find out more about the artist’s background, previous releases, and music videos.