I Eat Plants by Izoki


‘I EAT PLANTS’ gives away what the song is all about –the transparent title of this track is as organic as its lyrics and music. The plot-twist? It’s a Rap song.

The one-of-a-kind tune comes from the social media sensation and talented Izoki, a 20-year-old artist, producer, obvs, and plant enthusiast. Beyond the fact that the track stands out by itself out of its innovative, creative and just wholesome sound.

The intro kicks off with a random monologue. Then the song makes a statement right on with an energetic tone. On the other hand, the outro closes up with a random conversation with who seems to be a stranger, asking him ‘what’s your favourite vegetable?”. 

It is a different sound with a bouncy and playful chore, changing from the chorus’ bubbly beats to the occasional ambience sounds of a playground and kids’ laugh, windy background and random conversations playing at the beginning and end of the track.

In today’s world, where society is defined by the number of followers and who can set and keep up with Tik Tok’s trends, Izoki knows how to navigate such an unreliable reality. His music style rings a bell and reminds us of other artists such as bbno$.

The song’s topic is also bound to attract the attention of many, specifically vegans. As Izoki has an established image as the ‘plant boy’, this new track will not land as a random song but instead bring to light a new topic turned into a Rap tune.



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