Malibu by Max Edwards


Malibu is Max Edwards latest single, and it’s a heartfelt indie gem waiting for attention.

Max Edwards is an Indie Pop singer/songwriter whose brand is pristine, clean-cut, well-thought, and heartfelt melancholia. The Vancouver-based artist, currently getting formal education in Media and Recording, does it all. He’s been making songs since he was a little kid humming melodies and having grown with that passion steadily growing inside him, it was just a matter of time before he started to record his own music. After years of learning how to harness the internet and make it work for him, he started going to school to know more about the business, while relentlessly working to hone his craft. He writes the song and is fully responsible for the production of every aspect.

Malibu is a sad little slow burner with a tasty sound. Starting with Max’s voice and singing. His style is one that marries Indie’s teenage sorrow to R&B’s sleazy lulls. The result is original and simultaneously smooth and familiar. Definitely sets a big part of the vibe. His range is also impressive, going effortlessly from whisper lows on the parts without drums sections, to soaring, but understated, highs in the backing harmonies of the chorus. The control and the reach are a thing to behold when listening to Edwards’ music. The composition is a couple of sweet 4 chord loops that incorporate the infamous Creep progression, but in this song’s soundscape, it’s completely indistinguishable and is beautifully served by the melodies and the arrangements to create a totally original thing. Dazzling teen melancholia. The soundscape is acoustic, with roomy drums, and a crystal clear electric guitar playing a reserved part full of colorful ornamentation, along with a hefty synth bass line that’s warm, massive, and nuanced.

Max Edwards is a musician with fantastic talent and an astonishing work ethic. He claims to be a born artist. A bold claim. But reading a little about him, and listening to a bit more, it’s very easy to deduce just that.  


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