i AM THE FUTURE by Jean~Baptiste


The Saint Petersburg-based Hip-Hop artist, Jean~Baptiste, sees the future clearly, and it’s all about him. If you want a peppy glimpse into the future, he’ll take you on a mystical adventure in his single, “I AM THE FUTURE.”

Rappers tend to flex their qualities and what they own. Nate Jean-Baptiste, AKA Jean~Baptiste, is not only displaying his present but also declaring himself to be the future, and with his musical prowess, he has every right to do so. 

“i AM THE FUTURE” is a real track with profound lyricism. Jean~Baptiste didn’t write with his head in the clouds! He mentioned how it’s hard to make it as a musician, portraying what it’s like to chase dreams and how the future could be hazy at times, but you need to wide open your eyes and earn your way to it. And even by then, it’s not polished, as other surprises hit you.

Jean~Baptiste sends his inspiring message through a bouncy beat and a soft melody to build a dreamy, determined atmosphere. The cadence harmonizes with the smooth singing, offering one to engage while buying the message. The vocals delicately flow, giving a top-notch performance with their raspy, confident tone.

The song has a straightforward yet killer production, that amplifies the track’s explicit lyrics while easing their impact with an upbeat rhythm and leaving you with a feel-good vibe. You might not be ready for this plain truth, but you surely need to hear it, so hit the play button and enjoy the rhythmic future reveal.


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