Mats Dernánd reveals the heartfelt single ‘You Are Not Alone’


Mats Dernánd is a true multifaceted creative. With talents ranging from songwriter to producer to multi-instrumentalist as a pianist, singer, harmonica player, and trumpeter, the artist has already earned multiple accolades for his abilities. Single ‘She’s Called Grace’ earned him an impressive 2nd place in the pop category and an Honorable Mention Award in the USA Songwriting Competition, and ‘Judas’ earned first place in the Gospel/Inspirational category.

In 2022, Dernánd collaborated with Germany’s indie folk sensation Luna Keller on ‘We’ll be together’, which was tipped with an honourable mention in the International Songwriting Competition. 2023 saw Dernánd’s talents continue to bloom, allowing the artist to look ahead to his next major project, the album ‘Lake Home’.

The artist teases this new venture in single ‘You Are Not Alone’. The single centres around rich arrangements, blending a folk atmosphere with lush and cinematic elements. Dernánd once again showcases his ability to effortlessly weave genres together, expanding far past the boundaries set by folk’s sensibilities whilst creating something both palatable and momentous. Lyrically, we are treated to trusting and inspiring writing, made all the more poignant by Dernánd’s heartfelt performance.

The artist shares his inspirations, “Several people close to me have gone through difficult times lately. ‘You Are Not Alone’ is a song about being there and taking responsibility for those we love. It is a dark time in the world in many ways. You Are Not Alone also carries darkness, but above all, I want the listener to feel hope.”

Press via Plus Music PR


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