Nire Bird releases the aggressive romance of ‘Obsessor Doll’

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After returning with the first teaser for her latest album late last year, Nire Bird has continued to open up the world of the new project, leaving fans and tastemakers in anticipation of what’s to come. Though a lifelong piano and viola player, Nire Bird found her voice only recently, learning to sing through lullabies and then steadily moving towards more experimental works.

Nire Bird continues to embrace this new era of aggressive production and sultry romance with her new track ‘Obsessor Doll’. Opening with hard bass hits and a blend of vocals perfectly processed to feel both robotic and deeply human, the track expands into pulses of electronic melody before diving into cowbell hits and deep synth swells. This dance between heavy moments and ethereal continues throughout the track, Nire’s vocals darting between extended, soft performances and stabby, gritty moments. As these two avenues begin to collide, the track garners more and more tension towards it. The gut-punching kicks blend with the push and pull of the bass, the airy chops coming to terms with gorgeous twinkling chords. A metaphorical showcase of love and lust’s constant competition, it’s an interesting next step towards Nire’s forthcoming album.

Nire adds, “Obsessor Doll in particular started as an idea about a girl obsessed with a guy. But it felt wrong in so many ways like I didn’t want to write this message. Then my best friend started trolling me on social media and WhatsApp about my whole world. She said, ‘what’s wrong with you, I’m unfollowing you, I never see your stuff but this is too far, are you ok, what are doing, you think you’re making art, you’re not making art, this is pornography.’ It went on and on and I realised it had been for years. Nothing about what I was doing was pornographic.

She was so wild in her shaming, female jealousy and attempted control that it made me laugh, cry and become deeply motivated in retaliation. I looked in the mirror and felt my obsession. So the true song revealed itself as a girl singing in the mirror becoming her alter ego and embracing her obsession. An obsession  to produce and create while not being hurt by outside noise and criticism even when it’s someone you think is a best friend. In my reflections I realised how deeply she’d been holding me back, trying to keep me in her box because she just didn’t feel sexy anymore as a mother.”

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