No Matter the Crime by Russell Thomas


There’s no denying that music helps many listeners get through tough times in their lives and accompanies them. It also helps its creator, the artist who set his emotions free and shared them through a song. In his third single, “No Matter the Crime,” Russell Thomas gave off instance sentiments.

The genuine musician, Russell Thomas, located in Sheffield, said, “I have an appreciation of musicians who have an ability to share their feelings openly in their music, laying themselves bare.” And I share with him the same opinion. That’s why, on my first hearing of him, I appreciated his art; he’s sincere, real, and willing to share a tough experience in a softhearted manner.

“No Matter the Crime” discusses a heartbreaking topic. It’s about letting go and forgiving a close person who chose to take their own life. Thomas refers to this action as a crime and decides to tolerate it. This is a situation I’ve never been in, but I can only imagine how devastating it is. And I think that choosing to forgive is a way to set both souls free—the one who died and the one who lives. That’s why the single process has a melancholic theme in a vibrant sound as if making peace with it all.

The lyrics serve as a bridge between sadness and relief. It paints a picture of how to sustain and process the horrifying event and its emotions. As well as, remembering the relationship you’ve shared and its characteristics and coming to the decision that “I’ll always forgive you no matter the crime.”

Through the Folk/Pop blend, the single has an elated, reassuring sound. The acoustic instruments sound as if they’re dancing together. The thirty-second instrumental intro is enough to draw a smile on your face and make you predict that you’re about to hear an uplifting song.

Russell Thomas’ clear, moving vocals add more serenity and brightness. It’s tender and emotional in a way that makes you feel the lyrics inside you. The backing vocals, especially the “Ahhh” sounds, give more of a cloudless feeling, where you can finally enjoy the sun’s rays.

This is a touching song that you might not relate to, but you can undoubtedly feel it and appreciate it.


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