Omolola (Anita) by John Alone


We live in a high-pace era where everyone has got to move fast and produce more to keep up. Especially in industries where your progress is seen, like entertainment, and if you did vanish for a while, you’ve got to make a hell of a return. The London-based alternative R&B musician, John Alone, obviously knows that, and that’s why, after a musical hiatus, he’s making a solid comeback with his pumping hit, “Omolola (Anita).”

“Omolola (Anita)” is a song that has an R&B, Rap, and Pop fusion with an Amapiano influence. I have to admit that, at first, I was a little puzzled. I didn’t like it or hate it. It was just unusual to me, but soon enough, it started to grow on me, and it didn’t take long for me to vibe in with its uplifting beat and compulsive sound.

Right from the start, the drumline in the African style makes one nod their heads and get hyped with the chirpy atmosphere. Throughout the single, all the elements smoothly flow together to create an explosive yet somehow delicate banger. And mixing R&B with a rap-ish performance makes it more dynamic, and the Amapiano ambiance gives it authenticity.

John’s charismatic, airy vocals tempt one to learn the lyrics and engage for more mood-boosting. His voice is as vibrant as the rhythms and has a sentimental tone that conveys the affection that the lyrics hold.

Even the lyrical theme is genuine. It’s not a rare subject; it’s another love song about finally finding the right one but starting from the song’s title and passing by each verse, the distinct writing style, and interesting word choices give a feeling that it’s your first time hearing a love song.

“Omolola (Anita) is only a glimpse of John’s capabilities in the arena of diversity, ready to hit the airwaves.” So, if this fiery track is just a sneak peek, how many more abilities can the skilled artist unleash?

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