Packed with tasty clavinet, funk guitar goodness, killer grooves, bouncy bass, and a terrific vocal delivery, Leah Nawy’s first single is a cut that stands out with a terrific mix and a sublime feel of rock, funk, and soul.

 Hailing from the music capital of the world, the New York-based Leah Nawy is a singer and songwriter who has been playing in New York City for years, and her experience readily shows in her brand-new release, titled ‘Nuisance’. The playful piece boasts a healthy mix and a timeless-sounding arrangement that backs up her entirely captivating singing and witty lyrics. The soul jazz composition sees the song utilizing a lineup of jazz, soul, and funk essentials. From a peppy clavinet, a silky fender rhodes, and a rhythm section that carries an endlessly intricate part, all performed immaculately, making the song instrumental enough to sell the song. The powerful vocal delivery from Leah Nawy comes next to be the cherry on top. Strong, fierce, yet dripping with a charming presence, Nawy’s delivery and words stand out just like they should, in the forefront of the mix, but never over-shadowing the goodness happening from her backing band.

 ‘Nuisance’ is a promising single that introduces a veteran New York performer and singer to an audience that is hungry for good, juicy soul funk like what is being presented here.




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