Lonely By Catt Mccreary


Society keeps telling us that we need to follow the trend, we need to be a part of the pack, and we shouldn’t be alone at all. But guess what? We can be alone, but not lonely. We can be alone and still enjoy our lives. You’re not buying it? Catt Mccreary’s fresh release, Lonely,” will teach you how to live your life to the fullest on your own. Be ready for an introspective message delivered through vibrant rhythms.

“Lonely” is an empowering anthem that you need to let get into your system to detoxify all the wrong ideas about being alone. Catt’s vision is fun and engaging; she didn’t want to capture the feeling in an epic, dramatic manner; rather, she portrayed the single life in a spirited, colorful sonic felicity.

Catt’s vocals stand out amidst all the captivating elements. Each element lures one to groove, but her vocals are something else! She has girl-power energy in her voice, yet it is still soft and sweet. Her charismatic voice, along with the upbeat melody, gives off the perfect vibe that boosts one’s day.

The lyricism has realistic storytelling that flows smoothly. Catt didn’t portray a life of being alone as always bright; she mentioned that sometimes we may miss toxic people that used to be in our lives.

All of the energetic elements in this mastered track inspire you to do two things: throw yourself a party in your bedroom, get rid of every unhealthy relationship in your life, and start to see your genuine value.

If you’re scared to be lonely, this is your cue to let go of everything holding you back from the life you deserve.


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