One night in Miami by Izoki


When I listened to “One night in Miami” the new track by producer and composer Izoki I realized that it surprises us with a true work of art, with a lot of varied voices and fun energy.

This track is light, intense, and clever all in just over 3 minutes, showing a lot of variety between Latin, rap, and trap with innovation, it offers a little bit of everything and we get a very impressive score overflowing with talent.

After looking at the quality of Izoki’s voice, we have verified that the lyrics of the track are also eye-catching, eye-catching, intelligent, and very light with an exciting and expressive voice. This is a track that you will enjoy because it will appeal to all who listen to Spanish.

The atmosphere of “One Night in Miami” is perfect and we can dance to it in summer on the sands of Miami beaches. Or listening to it on a nightly trip downtown, it’s hard not to fall in love with it because it’s set to roll out around the world.

If you listen to Izoki’s releases you will be sure that “One night in Miami” reflects a strong evolution in what this artist offers, the production and freshness speaking for themselves here.

This track is accompanied by a music video that we highly recommend reviewing, there is no doubt that this sound we will listen to resonates with us for the rest of the day in our minds after the first time, because the rhythm and its lyrical delivery are in place, and in the end, the track leaves you wanting more which is what sets Izoki apart.


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