One Of These Days by Nicky Lipp


Artist Nicky Lipp released a new song called ‘ One of these days’’ on the 14th of October, from Edinburgh, UK. Get ready for some cheerful tunes full of life and hope as you listen to this rock-pop jam. This aspirational synth op music has turned heads in Scotland, and Lipp has a great history of selling out tickets to his shows although he is still head starting his journey after his reinvention after one decade of self-discovery. 

The song’s idea is all about the notion that someday you will be relieved from your worries, stress, and bad experiences, and there is hope that you will be introduced to a love that has no shame. Following the upbeat visionary lyrics, the music has a positive tone with a medium pace rhythm, fun piano melodies, and light drums. A notable sound in the song is a clapping sound effect. The song ends on an intense note, with a cool guitar solo that adds a touch of rock to the pop nature of the song.  The vocals of Lipp are full of grace as he switches between high and low pitches, giving the song a wide range of emotions and a dynamic sound. If you’re feeling down, this song will be your absolute go-to for a change of mood. 


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