When We Say Goodbye by K I T


They say that with winter approaching and Christmas feelings intensifying, October with its cozy atmosphere is the ideal month to fall in love. But, sadly, you can also fall out of love in the midst of all of these wonderful things. K I T’s “When We Say Goodbye,” released on October 7, will give us a taste of a breakup story through a soulful performance and a warm blended sound.

K I T follows up his EP, “Close Up,” which was released in 2021, with his single, “When We Say Goodbye,” which he co-wrote with Mike Halls of Clean Cut Kid. The song serves as a great teaser for what’s to come.

“When We Say Goodbye” starts with a dazzling intro that succeeds in capturing your attention and maintaining it till the end. The acoustic chords give a warm sense and give the feeling that they’re accompanying the vocals when singing. It’s not a happy-themed song, but you’ll find yourself grooving to the rhythm and trying to learn the lyrics to sing along.

The light-hearted sound with the pop, rock, and folk fusion makes it seem easy to say goodbye and let go. You’ll be hearing a vintage melody that’s wrapped up with a futuristic flair. I think the classic vibe it’s filled with is one of the main reasons it sounds reassuring.

K I T’s passionate, melodic vocals deliver the lines sincerely and tenderly. His voice has a melancholic tone, yet it sounds peaceful. The lyrical content itself is written in a poetic manner that portrays the softest pushing and pulling. The poignant delivery feels like this is your sign to say goodbye if you’re clinging to a relationship that you shouldn’t be holding on to. It works fine as an anthem for healthy breakups.

If you miss the classical soundscapes with their solid arrangement and production, you’ll find your need when hearing “When We Say Goodbye” below.



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