One Step Stereo by Tape Deck Terrorist


Tape Deck Stereo’s latest single “One Step Stereo” is a very artistic and smart collage of sampling, vocal hooks, brilliant flow, and the highest production qualities. 

From the very beginning…” One Step Stereo” is a magnum opus of lo-fi sampling hip-hop…the song has strong explicit lyrics that go hand in hand with the attitude and flow of the artist, Tape Deck Terrorist. 

Tape Deck Terrorist is an awesome rapper and hip-hop artist from Las Vegas, USA…he must have seen a lot and experienced a lot more because he’s on a completely another level of flow and performance…and apparently, he’s also invested in all aspects of his art, if you check the artwork of his single “One Step Stereo” you’ll get a deeper look into the details that he has an eye for. 

…with posters of kill bill, Akira, and star wars appearing in the album artwork, huge references, and perhaps a deep insight into who he is…I’m a fan already. 

The intro to “One Step Stereo” is grand, orchestral, cinematic…

…that suddenly pushes us over the edge and into the heart and the locomotion of the song…the drum beat and it is absolutely hard-hitting. 

The choir vocal samples in the background are very cinematic/hip-hop/lo-fi….what? Yes, the fusion of the choir in the track is absolutely beautiful…the vocals are definitely the soul of the track…and including choir samples, it adds to the soul and the whole experience of the track. 

There is a part where Tape Deck Terrorist flows uncontrollably and soars into rap heaven…all other rappers should watch out for this guy coming in hot. 

Tape Deck Terrorist is taking the world by storm, we wish him all the best and will be on the lookout for his new songs whenever he drops them. 


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