Discover by 5ON5

sonsounds/ Maike Piorr

Summer is almost here…not quite yet, but…

…for the summer to settle in, it needs something, it needs a theme…

…and this time around, we got the soundtrack to our summer from 5ON5 with their addictively catchy new release “Discover”.

5ON5 is a band from Berlin, Germany and they’ve been sharing their music with the world through major platforms for well over a year now.

Their latest release “Discover” exudes high levels of positive and energetic vibes through its 2 minutes and a half runtime…which kept me repeating it for my whole morning routine…the whole vibes that come off of “Discover” are energetic, positive, and hoping for a good day.

From the first second of the song, the keyboard sucks us into “Discover” with its iconic riff…

The drum beat quickly jumps in to take us further into the world that 5ON5 created…

…especially this time around, because the music video for the song literally is a time machine taking us to the early days of video games, where pixel art was reigning king.

If you were born in the 80s…”Discover”’s music videos will take you back to your childhood…

…along with the catchy nature of the song, you will definitely enjoy the whole experience that 5ON5 crafted.

5ON5 has been churning out one hit after another and we wish them all the best in life, we’ll be on the lookout for your new releases.


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