Overdose by Richbreed


A pop breed of entertaining and energetic artists “Richbreed” based in Los Angeles has come out to us with their 5th and latest single “Overdose” which was released on the 22nd of July, 2022, where they promoted it exceptionally before the release of the song by offering people a chance to win a prize when they pre-save the song “Overdose” which seemed interesting idea for them to promote it this way.

“Richbreed” contains Austin Kolbe, Atla Gadret and Justin Bates. Each of the Richbreed members has their specialty and helps this group to reach its goals. They have an excellent and caring message they deliver straightforwardly through their music and content. 

“Overdose” is about how people lose themselves in social media and how it controls one’s thoughts and habits to be a different person than the real life we live, in which fake friends and emotions are made. Social media pressure is real and people need to notice this more for people to be real to themselves and others.

The song has a cultivating message that they want to send out there and leave an impressive impression,  with some electronic synth beats that you won’t feel depressed about as it’s how “Richbreed” is trying to get people aware of this kind of condition that might affect our loved ones.

It’s all about the content and connecting in real life instead of what is given to us in social media, “Richbreed’s” mantra is “Rich in friendship, rich in experience, rich in knowledge.” I respect their goal for this particular song and its meaning for our generation.