Hold In by Lee Fitzjames

Mark Lapwood

Born in Newzealand, this artist didn’t stop thriving through the pandemic making and producing her music, “Lee Fitzjames” released a new single for this year “Hold In” which was released on the 1st of August, 2022. The pop artist “Lee” is currently based in LA shooting her music videos throughout US and Sweden living in both countries, the pandemic didn’t stop her from reaching out her feelings to her listeners.

The music she creates is so soft and calm then she adds her lush and delicate vocals to the mix. Creating “Hold In” is a natural touch of how human emotions work and gives you the motivation to stay strong for yourself. Holding on to your own goals and promises that are made is the main characters to get you going on. 

Lee has created the lyrics of this song beautifully catchy and her music video for “Hold In” will be out on the 13th of August, which is Lee’s birthday (Happy Birthday!!). I bet the video is equally catchy from the teaser that was published.

Despite being a new modern artist that had her gifts surfacing through, she had a significant breakthrough and won multiple awards with other great stuff from just releasing 2 singles till now. Lee has a great future in her music career that will make an incredible change in it.


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