Own World by Roman.


Thomas Roman Foschino who was born within a musical family that found his talent in rap/hip hop, came from Long Island with an awesome album that was released on the 29th of April, 2022 named “Own World (20 Pages)” telling his emotions and expressing it through his own words, succeeding in the making of this album that took a year for Roman to complete this mix of music he assembled for us listeners has banged us up with dope and creative lyrical music.

Roman had organized this album carefully to fit in a form of a story with an entry of the track “20 Pages” and ended the album with a sequel with the track “20 Pages Pt. 2” that pulls you in to listen to the tracks that are in between to know how great Roman worked in to produce these tracks in a unique way for our time. In his lyrics for “20 Pages Pt2” he explains that he’s trying to work himself to the top and rapping about how great he got with the flow of his words. “I don’t know what to tell you” and “Rain and Snow” give you an early 2000’s pop vibe and mixed in with a rap verse, his voice is so catchy that it gets you back to your teenage days, with the lyrical talent he wrote amazingly through these tracks. Roman has collaborated in “Mortality” with Ella Shreiner her pop voice added a cool breeze to the track and Roman’s talent in rap has bloomed with both talented vocals and beats that are synced with their vibes.

The tracks on this album have a mix of lofi and alternative rock with the bass guitar playing giving low tunes that add Roman’s expressions and a good idea of what he wants to deliver through it. 

As the first album ever produced in his music career, it came out professionally dope. Roman has a great ability to put the words together perfectly to connect with his listeners.

Great artists come from hard work and experience. I root all the way for Roman’s ability to shine out with his profound love of songwriting.



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