Paradise by Klary

David Sestak, Konrad M.

The song “Paradise” is light, graceful, dancing and romantic, burning and sweet, like its singer Klary, who currently resides in London, England, and collaborates there with other artists while performing songs of varied genres.

“Paradise” is a song bursting with joy; in its atmosphere, you smell the fresh air as you dance with your lover, and touch in its words the warmth of love that is ignited by the sand of the sea and calmed by its blue waters.

This song creates an ambiance resembling its name “Paradise”, inspired by the amazing power of synths waves and dreamy singing in a heavenly voice, it has an amazing energy that forces you to move.

Its simple melody gradually turns into a rich hook that attracts you strongly, with voices screaming in the ether of the beloved’s paradise, while the bass provides a foundation that supports the song’s soundscape. It is a song that deserves to be played at different times, perhaps when you are alone and dreaming of being with your lover, or when you are with your friends or at a house party.

Klary takes you in with her voice that makes the song so special to her, and whispers in your head the delightful words when you fall in love, “Say that you want me, say that you need me, take me to your paradise”.

In a seductive atmosphere we live with Klary in her paradise, do not hesitate to join us because you will fall in love with her and will not be able to get out of her.




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