Definitions by Jacob Rountree

Taylor Barret

If you are looking for a piece of music that can make you tune down the whole world and deeply focus on it then Jacob Roundtree’s “Definitions” is exactly what you are looking for. Joining forces with Cole Thorne on the djembe, bass, and harmonies and Alex Speed on guitar, keys, and vocals, the trio unleashed their musical abilities, and today, we’ll be shedding some light on “Definitions” from their debut album “As I See It”.

The fading in the mysterious melody of the “Definitions” intro built up anticipation and made me want to listen to what’s coming next, Jacob Roundtree’s deep haunting vocals come in perfect harmony with the mellow fluid melodies creating an emotional state that strongly hit me. Using warm guitar tone with a smooth groove, well-arranged synth and effects, and subtle groovy percussions, Jacob Roundtree managed to take me into the world of ambient sounds and subtle tunes he carefully crafted and I was totally hooked by its beautiful mesmerizing flow. 

“Definitions” is the soft chilling sonic journey I’d definitely recommend to any music lover, Jacob Roundtree managed to create a different and interesting sound signature that’ll make you keep on coming back for more. I’m totally looking forward to future releases, cheers!




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