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Popular music will remain one of the most common styles that anyone likes. Well, a decided rock/metal fan like me, I am more into old-school pop, still, I love to check what are the new pop trends from time to time. Well, let’s find out below what I’ve picked this week!

Although, Chole Lilac‘s vocal style is similar to many female modern voices these days, still, it has her own characteristics which makes an impressive vocal indeed. The music is very tight really. I loved how it’s simple and straight to the point without any sophisticated musical arrangements. I believe many pop artists try this method nowadays but fail indeed. While checking more info about her, I noticed that she is one of the artists who is very keen on their output and no rush at all during the songwriting and production process, actually, “10 Things” is her latest single since her last EP, DOUCHEBAG, summer 2020, in which was already acclaimed and features in many top platforms. Check out her tune among other stunning ones below!

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In my opinion, Possible Impossible is a pure pop talent. If you gonna classify their style you may say they are just another new electro-pop project, actually, it’s way more than this, because I can there are pop, rock and R&B fused elements that are perfectly blended. “Subtle” is a dark pop tune by Patrick Wayne (Moran) and Trent Park who are the founders of Possible Impossible. They got appraised through their debut single “Oxygen” which exceeded over 100k views on YouTube, landed on Spotify’s Release Radar, and was covered by over a dozen international press outlets. What makes “Subtle” unique is the distinguished vocal tone along with the glamourous pop vibes, although, the song isn’t that energetic in the begining like what I got used to from pop tunes recently, it went much cooler really after the first minute. Ah! Don’t miss the incredible solo! 😉

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‘My Love’ by Gian Majidi is a different pop flavour really. It’s a merge between folk, pop, and Reggaeton. Well, first of, you should know that we’re talking about an experienced academic music teacher, so he is already composing his own music and writes the lyric and graduated from the Sibelius Academy of Music and teaches singing in the same academy. He speaks fluently in 4 languages and his debut album will be released in 2020. Back to the song, I believe using reggaeton beats along with pop elements gave it a great output and mix really. Also, I noticed the English accent is so different maybe based on his Persian origins, in addition to that he is currently living in Finland, but I loved it really because it gives a charm to the track indeed. Find out ‘My Love’ among other tracks through his socials below!

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