Potion by Emily Fain


If you think about it, you’ll find that most of us have something or someone that makes us keep going. It’s like a regular dose of a customized potion. This is ravishing yet addictive! Emily Fain’s “Potion” captured this sense of reliance through a hypnotizing sound.

Emily Fain is an impressive musician who does not tie herself to a specific genre. She writes, sings, and produces all her work on her own, resulting in authentic output with an organic sound. Her single, “Potion,” is a fine glimpse of her artistry and an invitation to her magically whimsical musical realm. Accept the invitation and get ready to delve into its aesthetics.

“Potion” is a laid-back tune that is structured around adding the right drop from every ingredient to present the final sparkly elixir. All of the elements work together to build an atmospheric soundscape that can’t be found elsewhere. Emily’s enchanting vocals are what stand out the most, for sure. She has a velvety, tuneful vocal line with a dreamy timbre that makes one ready to listen to her till eternity. The beautiful irony is that her message portrays being compelled under some sort of spell, and her voice gives an actual example of what it’s like to be mesmerized.

The mellow beat with the melodic piano notes and vivid drumline creates an ethereal, splendid ambiance that suits the vocals and theme best. The rhythm weaves bright color vibes and urges one to sway along, jogging to Emily’s perfectly textured world. The artist describes her sonic wonder as “weird pop,” and in a world full of ordinary aspects, extraordinary music is really needed.

The song is the gentlest break-free anthem I’ve heard. Close your eyes, embrace the beauty, and get ready to break the cycle of wondering, doubting, and relying on, and just be ready to live.


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