RCV by Jacobi.e

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Have you ever been tortured because you despaired love? You should be, because the Jamaican-American artist and producer Jacobi.e has dropped his first song “RCV” to come out of this world, and he has a lot of great music that will soon drown you out.

Since its inception in 2020, Jacobi.e Bedroom has been the laboratory of experiments with his voice on pop music. He even brought us appropriately into this world with his dark and turbulent debut single, Rcv, fusing a rocky background with contemporary flavors from Dominic Fike and Kanye.

Jacobi.e on RCV asserts that his singing is a sweet sonic point that ripples and shapes with the track. The track moves in unconventional and often sinister ways because of its lyrics, but never loses its sense of accessibility and the charm of pop music.

In RCV the themes of love and despair are explored throughout the track, with the torture the artist faces due to it and seen in the video that exemplifies this obsessive search for mutual love. This track is diverse, interesting, new, and unlike anything you’ve seen before.

This edition proves Jacobi.e’s flair as a producer on the one hand, and as a singer on the other, bringing together both dark edges and captivating and melodic sensualities that continue to highlight his endless creativity and his potential as a true artist. He succeeded in making me eager for his next release.



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