Marathon by Alex Slay & Clover Jamez


When you blend the sense of innovation into a smooth R&B song, with an honest, straightforward songwriting style, you hear Alex Slay and Clover Jamez’s new track “Marathon.”

Alex Slay is a master of his songwriting and this track is filled with examples that confirm my point, he has a free spirit and a summery feel and retains an amazing ability to dance to his music. Slay takes us through this on a journey into the concept of life that does not stop and time flies by, we live in an endless marathon, the nature of which is governed by our daily choices. Many of us go through these stages and suddenly we find ourselves wanting to give up, but we have to keep going.

The entire track is flanked by innovative R&B beats and a cool LOFI background that feels fresh and free-spirited, tightly held together amid vocal harmonies, here Slay manages to combine his various elements with a sense of ease and effort that few can do.

“Marathon” is so full of so much that I can’t stop playing it, the vocal overlap between Slay and Jamez creates something new in this track that takes us with it constantly.

Slay’s music career took off after touring the world and performing on cruise ships until he eventually settled in Nashville and started releasing his music. Clover Jamez grew up in Pennsylvania listening to everything from Motown to Blink 182 and Biggie Smalls. His music has appeared on hit shows such as Fox’s Empire, Hawaii Five-0, CBS’ The Equalizer, and Hulu’s Dave. Therefore, the duet that arose between them was not in vain, but he enjoyed me, and I hope he will also entertain you.



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