Red Skies Mourning by Red Skies Mourning


Red Skies Mourning is a solo project for the singer-songwriter, Chris Aleshire, releasing his debut album of the same project title, an orchestrated set of tracks plus 3 brand new tracks.

“Red Skies Mourning” 8 incredibly versatile, dynamic tracks bring blaring synth-pop acoustics and EDM sounds, plus the impact of Aleshire’s lyrics and tone that takes you to the heights of harmony.

The project’s three new tracks “Dreamweaver”, “Sands of Time” and “Summer Shines” give a deep indication of Red Skies Mourning’s musical path, along with the song “Lost Without You” which can be considered a good space in which Aleshire shines with his voice.

The track “Deep Moonlight” opens the album with four repetitive piano notes, and clouds of ecstasy and incredibly alluring. The second track, “Dreamweaver” has an infectious groove and quiet verses with acoustic bass, while the chorus has some synths that shine like stars due to their vocal harmony.

The mood with Paralyzed 2.0 changes from dreamy skyline to paranoid, but gravity, electric surface and some intriguing rumbling sounds as harmonies perfectly express emotional angst.

“Lost Without You” feels right to it, but it’s a catchy song with an upbeat pop energy that easily highlights the album’s message. It is a love song with lyrics that can frustrate you but combined with the music creates a fun and wonderful track that can make anyone dance.

The electric vibe continues with the “Sands of Time” track along with some amazing sounds that will make you move your head and body to the beat. From party energy we go to the racy stories with the track Where You Been, an experience about being emotionally unavailable and the ill effects it has, it also delves into the nature of relationships and is inspired by the retro ’80s soundtrack. The penultimate track “In The Moment” has subtle guitar lines that hide just beneath the song’s independent surface and it’s a fine precision.

“Summer Shines” concludes this record with synthwave music and amazing nighttime energy. We hear robotic sound effects along with beautiful acoustic melodies and foot-tap drum beats.

“Red Skies Mourning” co-written with Ryan Curtis and produced by Cesar Da Emperor, successfully immerses the listener in the rhythmic feel of Daft Punk and the sensual melody of The Weeknd. And Aleshire’s vocals added a bright power that gave each track a beat in an atmosphere of excellent synth-pop making listening to it an exhilarating experience, making “Red Skies Mourning” a musical journey into the realm of dreams.