TERRIBLE THINGS by 7KY feat. Avonlea


If I could describe this song after I heard it, I would say that it “put me to a psychedelic state and I felt my head spinning with the music and the vocals”. This is simply “TERRIBLE THINGS” the new song of 7KY-based Las Vegas-based producer, composer, singer, and writer who collaborates with the soft voice Avonlea.

“TERRIBLE THINGS” is atmospheric from start to finish, released by independent record label Good Society. In the voice of 7KY and Avonlea, they tell the story of two free spirits who live beyond the limits of reality, leaving all the horrific things behind and “Nice to meet you”, to begin their journey to swim in outer space and their singing is as melodic and heavenly as you can imagine.

With its enchanting swirling tunes, 7KY has succeeded in composing something we would love to hear more from in the future. But there’s only one thing that makes it not so good, that “TERRIBLE THINGS” is very short at 2 minutes 14 seconds, which is why you’ll have to listen over and over to try to capture the same feeling that struck you the first time.

“TERRIBLE THINGS” has something similar to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book “The Scarlet Letter.” The heroine fights to regain her dignity in a hard-line society when she feels disgraced by her sexual indiscretions. However, the heroes in “Terrible Things” are not bound by that stigma, because they are the type who have sex and others despise them in public but secretly desire it, they meet and see themselves in each other immediately.

It seems like 7KY is an artist who likes to let his fans want more of him, so it wouldn’t be surprising that we waited, and you will be doing yourselves a lot of damage and loss if you don’t listen to “Terrible Things” through a good pair of headphones.


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