Roots by Ankur

Ethan Li

Sometimes when we’re lost and hard on ourselves for not finding a way, we need a reminder that the answer we want and the path we seek lie inside of us. Ankur’s “Roots” is the reminder that will take our hands through its vibrant, sincere ambiance and bring us to a peaceful place, to our cores.

With his RnB, Hip-Hop, and Pop fusion, the Sydney-based Hip-Hop artist creates music with an appealing, distinct sound to touch hearts and brighten up souls. His own vision of music is: “For me, music is a conscious journey through a dark place with a guiding light at the end of the tunnel; a hopeful place filled with warmth.” And he certainly applies it in his music, which makes it genuine and relatable.

“Roots” is his latest release, and it’s filled with shiny rays of hope, inspiration, and empowerment that are delivered by each element individually and collectively. It invites us to reach our essence, embrace it, and live our true selves. The heartening lyrics that tell us to “take it to the roots” capture our actions and the feelings that follow when we overly connect with the world and, in return, disconnect with ourselves and feel adrift. The beauty of lyricism is that it doesn’t only point out what’s wrong; it gives you the answer.

The vocal performance is outstanding and gives the desired energy.  The soulful chorus is delivered by Bronte Kolbe, whose mesmerizing, melodic vocals provide the song warmth. Ankur’s vocal line is passionate and harmonizes with the rhythm. He’s neatly conveying the message with devotion and power.

Not only is he a talented artist, but he is also real. Ankur cares about the quality of his music and how it can leave a mark and a positive impact on the listeners. That’s why you will connect with “Roots” instantly and find yourself eagerly anticipating more music from this innovative artist.