Rosaline by JASI BELLA


 You don’t need to be well-versed in old Shakespearean literature to enjoy Jasi Bella’s latest single. Written from the perspective of the woman Romeo loved before she met Juliet, ‘Rosaline’ is Jasi Bella’s account of literature’s oldest petty ex.

Based in London, Jasi Bella is a singer and songwriter of the most crystalline and peppy pop. Witty, friendly, full of character and color, and easy to love. Jasi Bella twisting vocal line drips with acrobatics and capable chops, showcasing a talented singer, and her lyrics, sarcastic and funny, with the song’s playful chord progressions, showcase a capable songwriter. The lyrical direction also is dripping with imagination. Visualizing Romeo and Juliet in a petty love triangle is neat, and the words are not devoid of sophisticated imagery. Not that the words are entirely fantastical though, as Romeo and Juliet were teenagers basically.

‘Rosaline’, as expected for the genre, is gorgeously produced. With punchy drums and colorful synths, alongside Jasi Bella’s quirky vocal delivery, create a mix that, while essentially pop, easily stands out. ‘Rosaline’ is a punchy piece of summertime pop with a classical twist that makes it easy to pick from the bunch.